Flyball!- On Hold until there are 6 handlers committed to the tasks.

This SPORT class teaches the owner/handler to work with their dog in a more instinctual way than most classes! The dog learns focus and attention and builds a repetoire of behaviors to perform when around other dogs. This class is fun, fun, fun!

There are two routes for flyball fun. One is a local Santa Fe recreational demo group and the other is competitive team sport.  People in Santa Fe are not interested in competitive flyball much, so mostly we recreate!

Location: Studio and/orSanta Fe Dog Sports Field (Directions will be made available to class dog and owner teams)

Instructors: Deborah Tolar
Prerequisite: Instructor permission-To register, your dog must generally get along with people, dogs, toys, food, and generally, come when called.

Email via the register form with questions and I will put you in touch!  Register Online: Click here

What IS Flyball??

For an amazing demonstration of what Flyball looks like in a competition setting and how exciting it is for you and your dog, click on the link below and check out this You Tube video: Dogz Rule Flyball Team

 A dog/handler team sport, flyball is a relay race of 4 dogs running a 65-foot course with 4 hurdles. A mechanical box tosses a tennis ball when triggered by the dogs feet! Dogs grab the launched ball in mid-air and returns to handler over the hurdles. Fast-paced and fun, most dogs learn to enjoy a true partnership with handlers. Energetic dogs learn control, shy dogs gain confidence, and owners have a great time!

Activity level: Training Flyball is strenuous for dog and handlers. There is lots of bending over, picking up stuff, and generating of enthusiastic movement. Stretching warmup is recommended. No, I will NOT run your dog for you. I will demonstrate using your dog but This is NOT a sit your self in a chair and watch sport.

Flyball is a four dog relay race in which each dog must jump over four hurdles; trigger a spring-loaded box that releases a tennis ball, dog grabs the tennis ball and races back to the finish line. Whew! Can your dog do this?