Santa Fe Dog Sports Field

The Santa Dog Sports Field is designed for the enjoyment of humans and their dogs. It’s ecologically designed with soft footing for the dogs to run and jump.

Not just for dog athletics, the Sports Field is also a safe neutral place for dog to dog introductions. Some dogs are not completely comfortable with other dogs at first. Frustration can be caused by being on leash while being introduced to other dogs and this sometimes looks like dog aggression when in fact your dog simply may be uncomfortable. The Sports Field is a double fenced, clean and spacious environment where owners can feel comfortable dropping the leash for dog socialization.

Activities available include:

– Recall games to repair and strengthen the “COME!” Cue.
– Private training: You name it, and together we create a program for you and your dog.
– Dog to Dog introductions: Learn a gentle, slow way to introduce dogs.
– Agility
– Rally obedience
– Disc Dog: Learn to throw and catch
– Personal Program of Fitness and conditioning appropriate for dogs of all ages. Special Needs dogs encouraged! Gain confidence and abilities JUST right for your dog.