Private Training

Private Training = Efficient

Fast, Effective, and Personalized Dog Training

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***IN-HOME Private TRAINING has been suspended due to the pandemic unless it is determined that the dog should not or can not attend private sessions at my training studio. So all privates are held at 1807 Second St. #42, Santa Fe, NM 87505*** 

Private Training via phone or Zoom or at the studio can help with a wide range of unwanted behaviors or just get your new canine off on the right foot, er…paw! It is simply more personalized and EFFICIENT!

Would you like a “Rockstar” Puppy? Would you like to have the majority of needed behaviors “sketched in” by 4 or 5 months?  Dreaming of dog sports with your new dog or a well behaved family pet?  Contact me!

Canine behaviors labeled as aggressive or fearful or destructive can often be modified positively in the studio and practiced  in the home and the learning can later be carried over to more public venues.

House training issues whether new or persistent can often be greatly improved as we work together to solve the problem where it occurs, in the home. One consult can often provide great “relief” to the owner. A phone consult is often helpful!

With private training, both the owner and their dog are more relaxed and much better able to concentrate on the lesson. This is the fastest and most effective method to deal with most challenges, providing a personalized behavior modification and training program for your dog and your family. Referred by your veterinarian? We are happy to keep them in the loop regarding your dog’s progress.

Questions? Contact Deborah Tolar by filling out the online contact form.