tThank you for your interest in training at Santa Fe Dog!

Dog Vaccination Guidelines
Puppies are required to show proof of at least two Distemper/Parvo vaccinations.  Owners of adult dogs are advised to consult with their veterinarian regarding Distemper/Parvo and must meet legal requirements for Rabies Prevention.

Classes are first-come, first-served and open to a limited number of qualified dog and handler teams. Enrollment closes 48 hours prior to the first class. If there are less than 4 students enrolled 48 hours prior to the first class, class may be cancelled or postponed.

Note that the SFD field is located about 25 minutes north of the plaza. Email for directions to the field. Some classes are field classes and some classes are outdoors around town and some are at the Studio #42. Make sure you know your training location. – ALL DOG SPORTS CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD.

  • • Dogs must be supervised by an owner/handler at all times. You are responsible for your animals behavior.
    • Dogs exhibiting excessively disruptive behavior may be dismissed from class without notice. I don’t mind some rah, rah, though. That we can work  on! Ask me first, if you have questions.
    • Owner/Handlers are expected to clean up after their dogs and dispose of waste properly.
    • Unsafe handling of dogs, equipment, and unsafe conduct may result in dismissal.

Methods used: Remember it is just a game! Mark & Reward the dog. Attitude: Sociable game face and demeanor. Learning to set up or tear down a proper course is often part of the game. Keep it positive. Train the dog that came to class, not the one living in your head. We go at the slowest pace needed to create success.

Warning: Santa Fe, New Mexico has mosquitoes, and fleas and ticks. It is strongly advised that you consult your veterinarian for proper prevention of heartworm infestation. Dogs should be on heartworm preventative all year round.